As you’ll notice in the next few days I’ll be making some changes to my blog. Please excuse the mess as I make some changes for the better! And get excited for a post to follow about the most amazing bucket list item!!



Wreath Addiction

Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m a wreath addict.

I have always disliked wreaths, especially those fake floral or dried ones. But now I have a problem. It started with a fall wreath I wanted to make, which I bought all the supplies for, but have yet to make. I’ll do that this summer. And then I made this cool yarn ornament one for the holidays (next time I think just yarn would make a more homey rustic look).

And now I’ve made another one for spring. It seemed easy enough with a free how to flier from Joann’s for a moss looking wreath. Yes. I used fake moss. What has the world come too?!?

After a lot of hot glue, moss, twigs, and this mess…

I had an awesome looking wreath!

Now for my summer one…

Any ideas?? I’ve had a few and I bought this wreath form but now I’m not sure what to do with it because its flat wood. Any suggestions…

Post Script…

That’s a cool wall hanging door knob hook I got on sale at Pier 1!!! Awesome find!

When Kelly Comes to Town

I met Kris Jenner the other night. Okay, that’s a lie. I met her doppelganger and her friend both from Houston, visiting Seattle for the weekend. Here’s Kris with the Kardashian clan…


Kelly C. and I (yeah, again hanging out, same name, same city, same age…) were dining at a great Vietnamese place in the International District and of course I like talking to strangers and began a conversation with both of the women. They were so kind and very funny! When we stated our names were Kelly, Kris said ‘oh, my son wrote a song about you!’

When Kelly Comes to Town fits us well…

Video contains PG-13 material: Intro has mature language.

My new theme song! It used to be the Woody Harrelson Kelly song on Cheers

We exchanged contact info and promised to stay with them if we ever make it to Houston. Kris said ‘you have to stay with me. Because you know…I’m safe!’

Great ladies! I hope Kelly and I continue to have a friendship as long as theirs and with as many laughs and drinks!

Post Script…

Does anyone have any ideas who my doppelganger would be? I have NO idea.


That’s the secret name of the book club I started with a co-worker 3 years ago. I’ll share some of our fav books in a future post. We have some rules I can at least share with you…

1. You do NOT talk about book club.
2. You do NOT talk about book club.
3. If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out, the book is over.
4. Only two guys to a book.
5. One book at a time.
6. No shirts, no shoes.
7. Books will go on as long as they have to.
8. If this is your first night at BOOK CLUB, you HAVE to read.

Bucket list number 101. Check!

I love books. Post college I began collecting them more and more. My goal in life is to have a lake house similar to my friend Lydia’s mom’s place and have a library. All of my cherished books in one place….ah bliss!

I made Girl Scout Samoa cookies from baking bites for the most recent meeting. The shortbread part was a little thicker than I’d  like, I only put chocolate on the bottom to save time, and they don’t look as pretty as others, but they were very good!

I also made the green bean dish most recently posted on my go to recipe making site Smitten Kitchen! I finally bought a blade slider too…those things are amazing! This was good…but not so good that it was all gone.

Oh and speaking of books! Sadly, Borders in Alderwood Mall is closing. Wa wa waah. I stopped in over the weekend and picked up some much unneeded stuff. I found this great note pad…meant for grocery lists, but will be perfect for many lists! It also tears out easily! WIN WIN!

Any books you are reading lately that I must read?


So Seattle has been on the storm watch 2011 and I have yet to see much action. It is finally snowing slightly…TBD on the storm and hopefully book club goes well tonight even with the snow doom. I made Girl Scout cookies and a new green bean salad recipe…post to follow with recipes and photos.

Ugh. Stupid PHONE! I just realized I thought I had posted something about my wreath addiction and now it appears I didn’t and I deleted it or something while using my wordpress app on my phone. So I’ll have to redo it and then share what I was going to later.

I went to the library today.

I got a book called 101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring by Richard Horne. One of my new blog readers Jessica’s blog is also about tackling a list of crazy things. She has done some really cool stuff and I saw she had mentioned this author of a variety of 101 things to do books as some inspiration. So I decided to check it out!

The other books are on Banff and Glacier Parks. I’m hoping to start planning a camping trip for this summer to tackle some of my bucket list. Specifically numbers 43, 44, and 99. One, I’ve been camping before I just want to go more often and two, Lake Moraine is on a postcard my dad has and is it beautiful! My mom and him honeymooned there, ‘when it was much more rustic’ as the Captain would say!

The Miami Book is because Brad and I want to go there on vacay. Might be from all the Dexter we have been watching (Last episode of season 4 tonight!).

And the Mount Si one to help with tackling number 95 on the list. I hiked it back in 1999 with my family and it holds a special place in my heart over looking the town my mom used to teach elementary school in. But it is a challenge for me who doesn’t hike well. At all.

Any suggestions on how to prep for a hike like Mount Si? Or places to see in Montana? Or Banff?

Sparkles, Gems, Oh Shiny!

I like jewelry. I like pretty things. But I LOVE to see something and copy it or make my own!

Have you seen Stella & Dot jewelry? (hint hint Stella and Dot if you ever want to give me some free stuff…) They have had some fundraiser parties for my work and I like buying/donating so it all works out! Plus some of the stuff is really cute…and what I can’t make, I buy and what I can copy, I make!

It started with this necklace I made…

And earrings…

Both copied from Stella & Dot.
But wait, there’s more

I’m one of those…

My friend Kelly and I (yes we have the same name and yes we both have brown hair and yes we hang out, a lot) were at Delancey about hmmm…a year ago or something wanting to try out local blog and author Molly Wizenberg’s and her hubby’s restaurant. PS it’s de-lish and we plan on going again and we haven’t because we always try somewhere new. Well, while seated at the bar perusing the menu, this guy by himself was taking about 103,345 pictures of just his one plate of asparagus or something green. Okay, I get it. The foods good, the foods pretty, and you are prob going to blog about it or go on Yelp. But do you really need to take that many pictures and interrupt our dining experience with the clicking and the flashing?

So now that I am always thinking about what to blog about I have started taking pictures of just about anything, including-wait for it-FOOD. I’m one of those people. Yuck.

But I do a quick not so great phone shot before anyone notices. So apologizes on the not so amazingly tasty looking food photos.

I have a fav Chinese place on the Eastside-WHOA. Pump the brakes. I grew up on the Eastside so lets not do too much bad talking and heck, a girl’s gotta cross the 520 bridge as much as possible before they start tolling it!

This little gem is called Chan’s Place

and my family has been going there for years and always, always orders the same thing.

The Mr. Plum Dinner! Which how cool is it that each combo is named after a character from the game Clue?

I have yet to find a wonton soup as good as theirs. If you know a place in Seattle that is better tell me, I’ve prob tried it and it’s good, but not Chan’s!

There is a LOT of food. There’s my pop’s aka Captain aka dad aka my father’s hand. His fav is the bbq pork.

Holy Guacamole! YUM-O! We ate and ate, but still had enough leftovers for Brad to have a complete meal. The Captain meet me after he was at some plane expo thingy-ma-jig and we had to go since he lives to far away from the Eastside now. We both just got the iPhone 4 (his first smarty pants phone, my second) so we were talking techy tech the whole time!

And just to share another food photo and to show off how great I treat Brad, occasionally…

That’s fresh squeezed blood orange mimosa’s (only with the best champagne of course-Andre’s Extra Dry at about 3 bucks), sour cream pancakes (AWESOME!), heart-shaped sausage (it was my heart day brunch), and broiled grapefruit, oh and a pink straw, cuz everything is better with a straw! Yeah, I’m that good.