Insert Witty Blog Post Title Here

I’m having first post blogging jitters. So I’m just going to dive in rather than a whole intro post about me blah blah blah. But speaking of jitters…

Aaaaaahhh..latte’s. How I love thee.

I’m not a coffee junkie, but when it comes to coffee I enjoy an experience. As bad as it sounds to Mother Earth-I love having a tall non-fat vanilla latte in a TO GO cup. I know terrible right? And I tried making them at home, but the whole walking in the door, smelling the coffee, saying my order, and forking over my hard earned dimes…but I digress let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Pet Peeves. I have ’em. You have ’em. We all have ’em. My pet peeve #384 happens to be the Starbucks coffee cup lid doo hickey.

Doo Hickey?!?! What in bay-bee gee-suhs do you mean? I mean EVERY coffee lid I have EVER had from Starbucks has a doo hickey and it drives me NUTS!

This is a doo hickey:

This little plastic hole. I would like to know whose job it is to punch the hole in these lids, because guess what? You missed the last step. So a part of my coffee ritual ends with me ripping off this doo hickey and flicking it from my finger with a smile on my face before I enjoy the delicious sip of scolding hot latte.

This is how I prefer my coffee lids:

Clean of doo hickeys. On that note, now that I appear to have scared away any potential blog readers of the smorgbord because of my OCD behavior-I hope you will continue to read my pet peeves, my bucket list adventures (which I’ll post about soon enough stop pressuring me!), and an extensive array of many other things! Welcome to my new internet home!

8 thoughts on “Insert Witty Blog Post Title Here

  1. Welcome! When you figure out the ins and outs of blog beautification will you PLEASE let me know. I know the changes I’d like to make but don’t have the patience to figure out how.


  2. Wow, I had NO idea you felt that way about those little things on coffee lids! The things I learn via the internets! 🙂 Yay blogging! 🙂

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