{Root}Beer Floats

I was reading a blog the other day…can’t remember which one, if you know tell me, but she was talking about root beer floats and I had a huge craving for one! She added homemade chocolate fudge…not sure how I feel about that or soda pop for that matter, but I digress.

I immediately ran out, bought a 6 pack,  and ice cream and made one. Now a root beer float isn’t delicious unless you drink it with a cool straw and out of a boot glass…

I feel like a kid. Yum!

Oh and this does not technically count as bucket list number 49. If you have seen the movie Beerfest, that is what kind of das boot I am talking about! Das Ist Gut! (that’s good, for all of you non-German speaking folk).

What’s your favorite float combo??

Post Script. The talk of Beerfest and its ridiculousness (is that a word?) reminded me that last night Brad notified me that he just added Hot Tub Time Machine to our Netflix. Should be interesting, I’ll report back!

5 thoughts on “{Root}Beer Floats

  1. I actually went to see Beerfest in the theater, but mostly because I heart Super Troopers so much, I was expecting better. BTW, they are coming out with a Super Troopers 2, in case you were interested. Hot Tub Time Machine was entertaining. My fave float would be a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout Float (beer and ice cream, my two fave vices)

    • I loved Super Troopers! Beerfest was pretty silly, but still funny to watch with college buddies! I’m not sure about beer and ice cream…it weirds me out, but also makes me curious to try!

  2. I miss the boot!!! And root beer floats…ingenious. Hot Tub Time Machine was actually surprisingly entertaining. You and Brad will like it. 🙂

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