I’m one of those…

My friend Kelly and I (yes we have the same name and yes we both have brown hair and yes we hang out, a lot) were at Delancey about hmmm…a year ago or something wanting to try out local blog and author Molly Wizenberg’s and her hubby’s restaurant. PS it’s de-lish and we plan on going again and we haven’t because we always try somewhere new. Well, while seated at the bar perusing the menu, this guy by himself was taking about 103,345 pictures of just his one plate of asparagus or something green. Okay, I get it. The foods good, the foods pretty, and you are prob going to blog about it or go on Yelp. But do you really need to take that many pictures and interrupt our dining experience with the clicking and the flashing?

So now that I am always thinking about what to blog about I have started taking pictures of just about anything, including-wait for it-FOOD. I’m one of those people. Yuck.

But I do a quick not so great phone shot before anyone notices. So apologizes on the not so amazingly tasty looking food photos.

I have a fav Chinese place on the Eastside-WHOA. Pump the brakes. I grew up on the Eastside so lets not do too much bad talking and heck, a girl’s gotta cross the 520 bridge as much as possible before they start tolling it!

This little gem is called Chan’s Place

and my family has been going there for years and always, always orders the same thing.

The Mr. Plum Dinner! Which how cool is it that each combo is named after a character from the game Clue?

I have yet to find a wonton soup as good as theirs. If you know a place in Seattle that is better tell me, I’ve prob tried it and it’s good, but not Chan’s!

There is a LOT of food. There’s my pop’s aka Captain aka dad aka my father’s hand. His fav is the bbq pork.

Holy Guacamole! YUM-O! We ate and ate, but still had enough leftovers for Brad to have a complete meal. The Captain meet me after he was at some plane expo thingy-ma-jig and we had to go since he lives to far away from the Eastside now. We both just got the iPhone 4 (his first smarty pants phone, my second) so we were talking techy tech the whole time!

And just to share another food photo and to show off how great I treat Brad, occasionally…

That’s fresh squeezed blood orange mimosa’s (only with the best champagne of course-Andre’s Extra Dry at about 3 bucks), sour cream pancakes (AWESOME!), heart-shaped sausage (it was my heart day brunch), and broiled grapefruit, oh and a pink straw, cuz everything is better with a straw! Yeah, I’m that good.


One thought on “I’m one of those…

  1. I know you shouldn’t say this but I really can’t tell the difference between Andre and Dom. And Andre comes with a plastic cork that you can put back in between drinks!

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