Sparkles, Gems, Oh Shiny!

I like jewelry. I like pretty things. But I LOVE to see something and copy it or make my own!

Have you seen Stella & Dot jewelry? (hint hint Stella and Dot if you ever want to give me some free stuff…) They have had some fundraiser parties for my work and I like buying/donating so it all works out! Plus some of the stuff is really cute…and what I can’t make, I buy and what I can copy, I make!

It started with this necklace I made…

And earrings…

Both copied from Stella & Dot.

With these supplies…

I made all of these the other night…

I found these purple rose beads for about $3.oo at a craft store and a spool of $1.00 stain gray ribbon. Here is a detail shot of the beads…

Then I made one similar to the black and white one with brown and only did a few larger beads. I plan on making one with beige pearls and brown ribbon soon to copy one of the new Stella & Dot necklaces.

And then for some extra fun I found this bird thingy at Michael’s (I prefer Ben Franklin’s for my crafting-we go way back, but I work with what is closer to me).

I’ve really been into birds, ribbon, and pearl lately. I should probably mix it up a little…

I had a random pearl in my bead collection and glued it into this. (it was about $4 and I bought some ribbon clasps too for about $4 for all of the necklaces).

Was super quick and not too expensive. I have some more ideas of ones to make that I hope to share soon! Oh, and to maybe help out bucket list item number  56, if you’d like to ever buy some of the jewelry I make or want a custom necklace or earrings let me know!


8 thoughts on “Sparkles, Gems, Oh Shiny!

    • I don’t have an Etsy store Jessica. but your comment started me blabbing on and on for a good hour to my bf about how I should and what I would have to do! Thanks!

  1. I didn’t know that you make a lot of your jewelry. I’m not really sure what I’m looking for BUT I think we should head to Ben Franklin’s/Michael’s the next time we’re together and make some earrings.

    • My aunt has an Etsy store so I’m thinking of chatting with her about it soon. And Holly….you should totally start one too with all of your amazing ideas!

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