So Seattle has been on the storm watch 2011 and I have yet to see much action. It is finally snowing slightly…TBD on the storm and hopefully book club goes well tonight even with the snow doom. I made Girl Scout cookies and a new green bean salad recipe…post to follow with recipes and photos.

Ugh. Stupid PHONE! I just realized I thought I had posted something about my wreath addiction and now it appears I didn’t and I deleted it or something while using my wordpress app on my phone. So I’ll have to redo it and then share what I was going to later.

I went to the library today.

I got a book called 101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring by Richard Horne. One of my new blog readers Jessica’s blog is also about tackling a list of crazy things. She has done some really cool stuff and I saw she had mentioned this author of a variety of 101 things to do books as some inspiration. So I decided to check it out!

The other books are on Banff and Glacier Parks. I’m hoping to start planning a camping trip for this summer to tackle some of my bucket list. Specifically numbers 43, 44, and 99. One, I’ve been camping before I just want to go more often and two, Lake Moraine is on a postcard my dad has and is it beautiful! My mom and him honeymooned there, ‘when it was much more rustic’ as the Captain would say!

The Miami Book is because Brad and I want to go there on vacay. Might be from all the Dexter we have been watching (Last episode of season 4 tonight!).

And the Mount Si one to help with tackling number 95 on the list. I hiked it back in 1999 with my family and it holds a special place in my heart over looking the town my mom used to teach elementary school in. But it is a challenge for me who doesn’t hike well. At all.

Any suggestions on how to prep for a hike like Mount Si? Or places to see in Montana? Or Banff?

7 thoughts on “Snow-TORIOUS!

  1. First of all, I would love to help you on your hiking quest! I want to get out every weekend so we should start easy and train through the Spring.

    Second, do you need a buddy for this road trip you’re planning? It sounds awesome and I’ve got a roadtrip on my 26 before 27 list. Plus I’m a pro camper 😉

  2. 1. I DID read your post about your wreath obsession, so it did exist at one point.

    2. Holly’s on the right track with starting small and working your way up, no pun intended. Even just walking up the hill by your house is a good start. I love me some good hikes!

    • Thank you! I thought I was losing my mind and now I know I had posted it…anyway look out for a new ‘fresh’ version of that post soon.
      and loved our ‘hike’ convo and how I do better with the term ‘walk’! Can’t wait to see you next week!

  3. I also saw the wreath post before it vanished. Loved the yard wreath. My sister and I drove through Jasper and Banff several summers ago. It was one of the most spectacularly beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Even hiking up to the tea house from Lake Louise is beautiful (crowded in summer) but we hiked down to the end of the lake and ate lunch on some rocks there. Athabasca Falls, Mt. Edith Clavell, on and on.

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