When Kelly Comes to Town

I met Kris Jenner the other night. Okay, that’s a lie. I met her doppelganger and her friend both from Houston, visiting Seattle for the weekend. Here’s Kris with the Kardashian clan…


Kelly C. and I (yeah, again hanging out, same name, same city, same age…) were dining at a great Vietnamese place in the International District and of course I like talking to strangers and began a conversation with both of the women. They were so kind and very funny! When we stated our names were Kelly, Kris said ‘oh, my son wrote a song about you!’

When Kelly Comes to Town fits us well…

Video contains PG-13 material: Intro has mature language.

My new theme song! It used to be the Woody Harrelson Kelly song on Cheers

We exchanged contact info and promised to stay with them if we ever make it to Houston. Kris said ‘you have to stay with me. Because you know…I’m safe!’

Great ladies! I hope Kelly and I continue to have a friendship as long as theirs and with as many laughs and drinks!

Post Script…

Does anyone have any ideas who my doppelganger would be? I have NO idea.

One thought on “When Kelly Comes to Town

  1. Seriously, one of the most random but amusing nights I’ve had in Seattle in quite a while. And yes, Kelly K and I will be friends FOVEVER…and potentially might move to Houston.

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