Wreath Addiction

Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m a wreath addict.

I have always disliked wreaths, especially those fake floral or dried ones. But now I have a problem. It started with a fall wreath I wanted to make, which I bought all the supplies for, but have yet to make. I’ll do that this summer. And then I made this cool yarn ornament one for the holidays (next time I think just yarn would make a more homey rustic look).

And now I’ve made another one for spring. It seemed easy enough with a free how to flier from Joann’s for a moss looking wreath. Yes. I used fake moss. What has the world come too?!?

After a lot of hot glue, moss, twigs, and this mess…

I had an awesome looking wreath!

Now for my summer one…

Any ideas?? I’ve had a few and I bought this wreath form but now I’m not sure what to do with it because its flat wood. Any suggestions…

Post Script…

That’s a cool wall hanging door knob hook I got on sale at Pier 1!!! Awesome find!


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