Number Seven: Do a Corn Maze

Bucket list #7-Check!

@The Farm in Snohomish County October 2010.

Living in the PNW you’d think I would have already done a corn maze but every Fall after picking out my pumpkin at the pumpkin patch I never made it to the maze. This past October (remember my rules? I  can write about past bucket list stuff whenever I want too!) Brad and I decided to head out North to the po-dunk country that is Snohomish! (No offense to Snoho folks!) I had to find the largest and most elaborate maze of course-and no I was not going anywhere near a haunted maze-and this one at The Farm is WA State with the roads and landmarks of the State, also the biggest!

We were given a map…although my job requires me to travel all over WA so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t need it 🙂

We took a tractor ride into ‘Oregon’ and around to ‘Idaho’ so that we would enter from Eastern WA. We decided to start in Clarkston, since we had recently been to Spokane for my Brother’s wedding. Good logic right? Or goal was to make it to Grays Harbor on the opposite end to escape the sky high corn stalks.

The corn was still pretty green and after realizing we:

  1. Really didn’t need the map
  2. Were about to finish the maze in 5 minutes
  3. And we wanted our dollars worth…

We stuffed the map away and decided to look for each landmark and try to get lost. The picture above is when we are standing on top of the 520 floating bridge looking at the Space Needle!

After an hour or so we got hungry and figured next time we go to a corn maze we would look for a more challenging one since this one was pretty fun and educational!

It started to rain and get windy…I still enjoyed my roasted corn while giving Brad the eye for taking my photo!

Loved this bucket item! Can’t wait to make it more challenging next Fall!

Do you recommend a better place in WA to try?

2 thoughts on “Number Seven: Do a Corn Maze

  1. The only time I’ve ever done a corn maze, it was at night and they didn’t tell me to actually try to find anything; we just kinda wondered around. Since I’m a big scaredy cat, Alex was behind me and would keep hiding or “losing me” and then I’d turn around and freak out that I was all alone in the corn at night.

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