Bucket List #97: Go to a Bingo Night

When I initially ventured into finding myself some Bingo I was sure it would be nothing like this experience. This was a 180 and more fun than anything I can ever imagine!

Once a month the senior center does a fundraiser with a Bingo Karaoke night-that sells out every month. I asked Holly to join me-she was pretty sure this was going to be a wa wah kinda night by the sounds of it- but she humored me anyway.

We didn’t know what to expect so we met for dinner to have some drinks before we got there. Check in was stated as 6:45 pm SHARP! At 6:50 pm the parking lot was full and the line was out the door…What did we get ourselves into?!

After winding through the line we realized:

  1. They sell booze. Cheap booze!
  2. There were about 3 ACTUAL seniors in the building and one was at our table and one was the bingo announcer. (more to come on her…)
  3. They had food.
  4. People were dressed up crazy!

Post Script: I love bingo markers!

One LARGE group was celebrating a 30th birthday by dressing up as the geriatric community…

Yes, that’s an oxygen tank, cane and rollers! They were wild!

Holly and I grabbed some drinks, our bingo games, our winning dabber markers and grabbed a seat with 9 others at our table 12!

Before each game we had a dabber toast! Also between each game two songs of karaoke were played…

Two talented fools sung My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music (I apologize for the sound quality, but it also makes you understand how insane it was here!)

Here is our announcer…

She was a firecracker! Quotes from the night:

  1. There’s a lot of bingo virgins in here tonight! Just the way I like it!
  2. So cold out, keeps me perky!
  3. Don’t throw away your bingo sheet! Sometimes people are full of sh*t!
  4. Get yourself a damn hot dog!
  5. I need to drop my balls. (bingo balls)
  6. OOOOOOOOOOO Sixty Nine!!!
  7. Don’t mess with the neighbors! F the neighbors!

When someone yells BINGO! and actually wins everyone crumbles up their game and chucks it at the winner!

They had special games for $2 each….Holly was so close to a blackout!

Table 1 was pretty hated since they won a few times…

Holly and I had so much fun that we will be celebrating my birthday with friends at the next months Bingo Karaoke Night! We will also be having a costume theme for our group so look forward to that post next month!

This was the mess after…

I’m now looking for my next senior activity…

One thought on “B-I-N-G-O!

  1. Well, now I feel compelled to check out my local bingo parlor! Actually, I don’t know where the nearest one. The only one I know of is 1.5 hours away and I’ve always noticed the parking lot to be completely full

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