24 Hours in Bellingham

I don’t know how to even describe last Thursday. Hilarious. Out of Control. Awesome. AMAZE-A-BALLS.

First off I miss Bham. I lived there for 5 great years and NEEDED to go for a trip up. I also was so stressed with work that I needed a day off and with someone who understood the budget crisis of our state-Heidi and Bell know what I’m talking about-and have 24 hours of a no plan plan! Unfortunately, Bell couldn’t join us and Casey only was able to have dinner with us.

If you haven’t been to Bham before…There are way too many good places too eat and I only managed to visit Bayou and La Fiamma. I did go to plenty of bars and a great coffee shop though.

This was actually my first time at the Copper Hog (used to be the Depot) and they served a great vodka gimlet in a jam jar! Adorb.

Heidi touching up her lipstick on our walk thru downtown to the next stop. Turns out this was about the last photo I took until the next morning. We also went to such classy establishments like the Royal and witnessed a bar fight at Uisce’s while having a duck fart. PS I had never even heard of this drink prior too this night, but it’s real good. Then we went to the Grand and eventually caught a cab home and CRASHED.

The next morning-feeling pretty rough around the edges-I walked from Heidi’s to downtown to get my car (SAFETY FIRST FRIENDS NO DRIVING AND DRINKING!) On my lovely walk I saw this great outdoor park with windows and bird houses.

Heidi and I grabbed coffee at Avellino. The best caramel sauce latte ever…they make their own caramel! Oh and they have the most amazing copper old school espresso machine and we ran into Casey! After refueling and laughing over the hilarity of the night before, we met my old co-worker Nicole for Thai food. Could I visit more businesses in one day?! (Or have more drinks?!?!)

YES! HECK YEAH! Bham is famous for their Big Mama’s. A giant 4-10 shot (depends on the day) margarita. Hey, it was noon okay don’t judge and we were walking! And sometimes a girls gotta let her hair down and release some stress*! (*Consuming alcohol is not a way to relieve stress in a healthy way and should only been done infrequently and with a friend who will make you laugh till you cry…)

Heidi and I meet in college in bham along with many other fabulous women and men in the Community Health program. Next weekend I am hosting a reunion with a bunch of them!

Heidi is leaving for the Peace Corps in a few months so these 24 hours were needed for us to make some more memories!

“He’s Tim McGuire? You mean Mark McGuire the baseball player? No, the country singer. You mean Tim McGraw!?!” and “Kelly you have like a Stacy London Grey streak going on. WHAT?!? I don’t have any gray hair!!! Oh, sorry it’s just the lighting!”

I also was fortune enough on short notice to have dinner on Friday Night with my good friends Dani and Colin and with their Baby Connor!! Brad said to me ‘Kelly, you always call him Baby Connor and he’s over a year now…”

I didn’t even go to HALF of the places I love in bham. Where are your favorite places in Bellingham??

2 thoughts on “24 Hours in Bellingham

  1. Have you had your Big Mama today?

    I laughed so hard as I read this, my abs still hurt. Also, thanks for the last picture sans explanation. Oh and good disclaimer about drinking to relieve stress.


    • That photo didn’t need an explanation, it tells a story all on its own 🙂 Can’t wait to laugh with you again this weekend!

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