Spring has sprung and so has the clock. UGH! Although I appreciate more daylight I prefer getting an extra hour of sleep.

Today it poured. Are you surprised? Seattle, rain? Get outta here!

Brad and I happened to walk in the down pour to the same bakery as last Sunday…We are addicted! And I saw the first sight of Spring…A wet sign, but none the less, colorful flowers!

When we walked into the bakery we were greeted by all three of the familiar faces of the employees who are beginning to know us. Not yet on a first name basis but the owner today said ‘oh you’re late! Did you guys sleep in?’ Ha ha.We picked up a fresh baguette for our dinner plans (continue reading for a great recipe!).

Brad just finished reading Stephen King’s Misery. Not my choice of a good read, but I was up to watching the movie today- during the day- and since it was award-winning I figured I’d be okay. Let’s just say Kathy Bates is CRAZY. Brad also told me details from the book that weren’t included in the movie. I didn’t need to know. I think I might faint.

Last week I tried to make Girl Scout cookie thin mints. FAIL. They were okay, but I’m not going to share the recipe, until I find one I really like.

So tonight I wanted to make something really good. And duh, winning! SO SORRY…had to do it and I’m so over the Charlie Sheen thing too.

So I made fresh baguette ham and swiss cheese broiled sammy’s, homemade Blackberry wine (I’ll share in another post about my family’s wine making), and the winning kale, white bean and sausage soup. I mean this was GOOD!

I found the recipe at This Charming House. It was super easy and I didn’t use the parmesan rind, but I did sprinkle cheese on top after it was done. I also bought twice the amount of kale that I needed. What to do with all that healthy kale?!?

KALE CHIPS! I had sampled these once from a co-worker. Crispy and salty like a chip but good for you! I quickly searched for a recipe and found one on Smitten Kitchen one of my go to recipe sites! Also super easy and served as ‘popcorn’ during Misery.

Now we are both being techies…me on the computer and him playing with his new phone! Now the tough decision…

What ice cream place to go to and then do we start season 1 of Mad Men or do we read our books we are both getting into??? Suggestions??

Or…I’ll start working on my March Madness Bracket!!!!! YEAH!



6 thoughts on “Misery

  1. First of all, weird about the kale chips because I just watched Ciscoe make them on TV (oh la la!). Second of all, I am SO jealous that you are just starting Mad Men and have the best days of your life ahead of you. Sadly my good days are over until the next season is on TV.

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