I had an awesome lunch today! My co-worker and I wanted to check out a mobile truck after chatting about some of the one’s around Seattle. On Thursday’s there is a Here and There truck by my office that I went to last week.

Yum! Sometimes the menu has stuff I’m not interested in, but last week it was good and they always have a great berry smoothie!

Today though we went to the Marination Station. Which to me the name sounds gross. Just like how the word moist is gross. YUCK!  Oh, but it was oh so good and cheap! It was raining all morning but luckily as we pulled up the sun came out and it warmed up. Good thing too because the line was about 30 people deep and around the corner.

I took a picture of the delish food, but of course the only photo that upload correctly was this one and I had already finished my Aloha slider and tacos.

After work I made a quick trip to Goodwill for a project I’ll share later and of course I looked at the books. (Because I really need more books?)

Ummm….Hello?! 99 cents each! And all of them were on my to read list at some point whenever I have time to read books other than my book club books and the other books I already own list.

Now to saddle up on the couch for some Bachelor. Okay. I never watch this show, but a girl I graduated with was on it and now I can’t stop watching because he sounds like Forrest Gump and I love that movie! 🙂

Who do you think is gonna win? And any mobile food trucks in Seattle you recommend?

One thought on “Score!

  1. Your Goodwill charges more than our Goodwill-I buy up $.75 books and then post them to Paperback Swap to get the books I actually want. And sometimes I actually luck up and find ones I want at Goodwill. (And although I actually work for Goodwill, I’m not trying to promote it here!)

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