Kitchen: Things I Want Right Now…

…If I had a larger paycheck.

I have a very small kitchen. tiny, tiny. But I love to cook and entertain and here are some hot items I want. Right Now.

1. If I had more space and money…a KitchenAid stand mixer. There are so many to choose from but I want one like this in gunmetal or silver.

2. Holly got some of these cute potluck bakers from Crate and Barrel-all 3 in one set! I would really like these…especially in green, but they don’t have color options.

3. Hey Mambo wine. I picked up a bottle of this for a double date dinner at Nate and Lydia’s based on the label. Oh my goodness. It was only about $8 and a great red blend. Plus it had a fun label, cork, and description.

4. A vintage green milk glass cake stand. I haven’t found one yet that is affordable…

5. A Bialetti espresso maker-the electrical one with milk steamer too (mukka express)-NOT in the cow print. I have a $40 one that is time consuming and difficult to clean, but gets the job done. And since the things I want can cost anything…I want this.

6. A Madeline silicone pan. I’m dying to try a recipe for these and I’ve read silicone pans are easier to pop them out of.

7. A fish gurgle pitcher.  I love the look of these and the surprise sound when you pour the water out. I like this green one!

8. The Foodista Best of Food Blog Cookbook. I get most of my recipes now a days from magazines and online blogs. Since I’m waiting on the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, this one could hold me over until then.

9. A WA State cutting board! AAAHHH!!! I WANT! But with a heart in Seattle.

What kitchen stuff do you have that I need? Right Now.


4 thoughts on “Kitchen: Things I Want Right Now…

    • AAh! I need one of those too! I have a blender-but a food processor is so handy! I also realized last night I needed a rolling pin for my soon to be King Cake post…

  1. LOVE my Kitchen Aid Mixer and OXO measuring cups that are slanted – if you don’t have those, they are also a must. And half sheet pans, use them for everything…with parchment paper. I have WAY TOO MUCH kitchen stuff, I have two Food Processors, a Blender and an Immersion Blender, but I manage to find uses for all of them. Stock that kitchen 🙂

    • I need the immersion blender for some soup recipes I have and if I had more room like you I’d stock my kitchen with all sorts of useful and not useful gadgets! I’m making that pioneer woman recipe tonight I’ll tell ya about it soon!

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