Books: Things I Want Right Now…

…If I had a larger paycheck.

I own a lot of books. More than shelves. I also use the library weekly now for random reference type books, music and movies. I love to own books though, I guess at this point I like to collect them too. I want to add more to my collection. Right Now.

1. I should probably start with getting more of these shelves. Umbra carries some clever invisible shelves that look great! And if I had more, I’d like to arrange them in stacks of colors. Currently I have the single shelve, but want the new double one!

2. Even though I own a lot of books I haven’t read yet….I’ve been wanting this book for a while.

3. I usually use the same bookmark, but I love how clever this one is and it marks what line you were on.

4. A classic book sweater like one of my favorites a Catcher in the Rye from Out of Print Clothing.

5. Donate some books/time/money to Page Ahead.  My friend’s boyfriend Jeremy volunteers his time and I love hearing stories about him reading to the kiddos!

6. A personal library kit! Shut the Front Door!

7. A book frame. How nifty! I’d probably put my Catcher in the Rye copy in this…

8. I know this post is about books, but music kinda fits right? Good because I’ve been liking some songs off these CD’s and need to get my hands on them!

The Mumford and Sons

and The Head and The Heart

What books are you reading? Right Now.

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