Spring is Here! (Kinda…)

On Sunday the sun was shining! Today it is not. But I bought a beautiful potted yellow tulip!

I love Seattle on days like this. It started with brunch with Kelly and Heidi at the amazing Portage Bay Cafe.

Then we went to a the best viewpoint in Seattle…two blocks from my house!

From Kerry Park you can see Mount Rainer, the Space Needle, and the Olympics. It is gorgeous!

Then Heidi and I headed for a walk to Menchie’s for some FRO YO!

Sweet spoons! Then I told Heidi I had a surprise adventure…To the swings! As we were swinging like crazy elementary kids, Heidi pointed to a tree and quoted Katy Perry. “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again?”

There’s a plastic bag stuck in the top of that tree…Heidi you are hilarious!

Oh Spring. How I love thee…

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