A Teaser

Here’s a preview of what is to come tonight…

I’m going out for my Bingo Birthday Party!!! My actual birthday is next week on April 2nd, but tonight we celebrate with bingo and at a dive bar!!

I’ll share this champagne cupcake recipe later, but here’s one to tease/torment you with!!

Yay to birthday parties, sun, and hopefully winning some money!!! Off to get a mani/pedi!

2 thoughts on “A Teaser

  1. Yay for taking your birthday into your own hands! It took me awhile to realize that if I wanted a great birthday, I had to do it myself. So I always set up a “spa day” for myself and then do something fun that evening. This year I’m going to do Karaoke-I’ve never done that before! And I really want that cupcake recipe!

    • I love planning and baking so I typically come up with my birthday plans! I do like surprises but I can’t help that I get all crafty! The recipe will be posted soon and they were oh so good!

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