Cooking Light

For Christmas this year I got a year subscription to Cooking Light for my dad. And last week I reaped the benefits!

I had a work meeting nearby his house and wanted to stop by for dinner and he had created a feast from menus in the most recent issue!So fancy with the fine china too! I’m so lucky! We had ice water-with lemon, homemade Gruner Veltliner wine, bread, Tuna and White Bean Salad

My dad’s growing his march madness mustache. The salad was awesome! So many yummy ingredients and good for you too! Then the most amazing entrée ever…

Linguine with Clams and Fresh Herbs! The sun was shining and the food was delish! I highly recommend these recipes for the next sunny day you can eat on the back patio with good friends…and hey it’s Cooking Light so eat as much as you want!

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