{The List} Trying Something New

The past few weekends Brad and I’s date nights have included a movie theater. This weekend I wanted to do something new. No more popcorn and butt kicking flicks.

I also happened to check off a bucket list item like #73: Try a new type of food.

Our adventure started with me purchasing a deal a while back on tippr.com for a restaurant called Kaya (which had been recommended by a friend) which is a Korean BBQ place.

Now, I love Asian food so I figured we’d be good and I also knew this place was expensive so the deal helped pay for the trying something new part…

There was only two of us and we ordered the Combo 1 (recommended for 3 people-but we wanted to try a bunch of stuff to see what we like) which included:

  • Marinated short rib
  • Marinated sirloin
  • Beef Brisket
  • Black Pork Belly
  • Bean Paste Stew
  • and drinks, and salad, and steamed egg, and sides (which he said was the fries to our burger!)

So much food…so much meat. We ate and ate and had so much fun cooking the meat on our own grill!

Do you see all that meat?! WOW! But it was so delish we devoured it.

Although, extremely pricey for a combo we would definitely eat here again! The staff was so helpful and the quality of the meat was great. Yay! I tried something new and I LIKED IT!


2 thoughts on “{The List} Trying Something New

  1. Yay! When aren’t you willing to try something new? Or is it that you don’t always like it? Coming from a lady who periodically tries pickles to confirm her dislike of them it surprises me that trying new food is that far outside your comfort zone. I’d like to see you do something a little more adventurous/outside your comfort zone for #73 on your list.

    I’m thinking something along the lines of (but not necessarily) going blond, some kind of weird beauty or physical treatment, or an activity. But that’s just me.


    • You are correct I am fairly easy to please and am always willing to try…and try again even if I didn’t like it! I’d like to point out though that not only #73 but many others aren’t really out of my comfort zone as much as they are just fun! (ie the milk a cow doesn’t scare me, but how cool would that be!) I’d like to hear some more of your ideas though…other than the blonde one 🙂

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