{Pet Peeves} Cars

I have several pet peeves when it comes to cars. And not to say I don’t drive myself crazy as a a driver (haha drive, driver…) but sometimes I truly think people are nuts. Like are you really that dumb?! (‘You are so dumb. You are really dumb. For real. Homeboy.‘)

This is a short list of things that really make me look at you and go seriously?

1. Stickers on car windows.

I’ve been trying to find a picture for weeks of this! This one is just a scratch in the surface of how bad it can get…

Okay, I understand a kid getting a sticker and putting it on the window once…

“Oops sorry mom! I didn’t mean to be so foolish and but a sticker on the window that will require you about an hour of scrubbing to remove. But don’t be mad, I’ll never do it again and hey I’m just a kid! (maybe next time MOM you shouldn’t give me any stickers!)”

I shouldn’t judge  since I am not a parent I really don’t know where the stickers are coming from-probably your kid stole it or got it at the dentist or or something and you had nothing to do with it. So…

Question: When do you continually let them put more on there after the first sticker!!! I’ve seen much worse then this photo evidence. Baffles me.

2. Cars with stuff on the dash. Especially stuffed animals. Particularly the Beanie Baby variety.


I have no words.

3.  The brake-no-you-go-brake-no-you-go-no-you-no-you-brake. When at an intersection go if you are going to go, go and don’t go if you’re not. Instead of the wave ‘no, you go’ ‘no I’m going’ brake dance. JUST GOOOOOOO!!!! Hit my car I don’t care just stop trying to be polite by giving me a wave and then be a jerk and try to go. Gesh, the nerve.


4. People who drive crappy cars and don’t have the respect to give it a nickname. My car is so awesome it has evolved from the Cap’n Wagon to the Peppermint Patty Wagon. She is still chuggin’ along too…good ‘ole Patty! (I’d post a picture, but she’s shy). If you need help with a nickname I’ve coined many a names for friends cars-Lil Pecker Nose for example is a royal name if I do say so myself.


5. And just to keep it real…I’m someone else’s pet peeve (BRAD) because I constantly will not make a left on red. Sorry and I am working on it.

What drives you nuts about drivers or cars???

2 thoughts on “{Pet Peeves} Cars

  1. People that have seen the “Lane Ends” signs for the last mile and wait until the last minute to get over. Especially in cases of construction. If someone tries to edge in that has gone flying up the empty lane beside me only to try to get in front of me who has patiently waited in stop and go traffic with everyone else who obeyed and got over when they were supposed to, I will turn into them as if I’m tryin to wreck them or I will zoom up and close the gap so they have to dodge back over. I. HATE. THAT.

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