Mini Road Trip

I’m in my beloved Bellingham this weekend to celebrate a few things…

  1. My good friend Heidi is leaving for the Peace Corps!
  2. April Brews Day!

I can’t wait to share with you soon about my 72 hour bham trip!


{The List}: Cheerio!

Bucket List #24: Have High Tea

I’ve been obsessing over having a tea party lately and slowly collecting all the items I’ll need to have an amazing tea party. But in the mean time I was wanting to celebrate the Royal Wedding by having formal British tea. (I didn’t realize until now there was a web page dedicated to this craziness).

Side note: Happy Birthday to my Dad!!

Growing up I loved having tea. My sixth grade birthday party was meant to be at a tea parlor in Bellevue, but ended up having a kitchen fire so we had it at the nearby British Pantry! They serve an afternoon tea and also have a cute tea and import shop.

Holly, AY and I meet for a pot of English Breakfast-don’t you just love the knitted 1970’s cozy and fun creamer?

The afternoon tea is served with a scone, cream, jam, cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, fruit, and a dessert.

Those sandwiches are my fav! All in all it was a lovely afternoon tea, but I don’t know if it was exactly what I would say as bucket list worthy. I’m planning on trying a more formal tea at the Queen Mary in Seattle soon!

Does anyone know of any other tea rooms in Seattle? Or what is your favorite tea or treat?

{The List}: A Secret Garden

Bucket List #71: Have a garden

Planting, growing and eating your own food is one of the most rewarding things to me. My dad a few years ago had planted some planters with veggies and herbs but I for the past 8 or more years have lived in places without the ability to have my own garden. I have bought basil plants, they died. I have bought mint plants, they died. I did have a yard back in 2005/06. But if I had planted anything, they’d die.

So my dad had been wanting to do more than a few planters and I wanted to learn more about gardening so we began (mostly him, let’s give credit where credit is due) a raised bed vegetable garden plan. We picked the Saturday before Easter since I would be home anyway and rain or shine we would create the garden.

By the time 4/23 rolled around my Dad had done ALL of the work. 🙂 He had started seeds, built the base of the raised beds, picked up soil, manure-SICK, and more. The entire week rained. Poured. Saturday rolled around and the sun came out and it was 66!!!!!!! degrees. 66!! We got straight to work. This is were I came in…(although I’ll be doing a lot of the eating too) I cut open bags of soil, manure, sand and raked the layers in the beds, planted the seedlings and some seeds, drank lots of water, and began weeding the side yard (that didn’t last long, let’s be honest).

We edged the patio with the garden with plans to add the frame up each year. By the third year the beds should be high enough for us (my dad) to build benches to sit on so we can use the fire pit and have more seating than just the patio table and chairs. Doesn’t his backyard look great?!

We planted (in hopes that they all thrive…)

  • carrots
  • spinach
  • two types of lettuce
  • Walla Walla onions
  • three types of garlic
  • herbs: chives, parsley, basil, oregano, sage…
  • peas
  • cucumbers
  • fennel
  • beets, turnips
  • corn
  • squash
  • artichokes
  • celery
  • rhubarb (already from previous year)
  • beans
  • radishes
  • tomatoes and so much more I can’t even remember!!

I can’t wait to share pictures with you of the garden as it grows and once we harvest some too!

Side note: I had huckleberry bushes in my yard growing up and am dying to find some one that has some that I could pick 4 cups off of this summer for a family recipe….if it is you let me know!

Side note #2: Check out Holly’s clever way to use drawers in her garden.

Do you have a garden? Or what’s your favorite veggies you would grow?

Spring Cleaning

I’m in need of some serious motivation on the cleaning end…I need to do the dreaded clean out my closest kind of cleaning. Yuck. Oh and my car could a use a wash too. But rather than do that how about some help from my lovely readers out there!

With Spring here (well not in Seattle because it is  currently 50 degrees with a chance of rain) I’d like to add some more items to my lengthy bucket list. I know it is already really long and the list ‘should’ be my ideas (most of them are but some I borrowed from books and blogs, etc.), but I thought it would be fun to ask all of you out there for suggestions so that I can add some outside of the box ones!

So start brainstorming some clever, fun, adventurous ideas and let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Side note:  If you aren’t already subscribing to this blog by rss or by email (you can do so on the right by the coordinating links), check out smorgbord on bloglovin! (This Spring also has some smorgbord plans and more so stay tuned…)

{The List}: Canlis

Bucket List #102: Eat at Canlis

I’ve eaten at a LOT of Seattle restaurants, but I always have wanted to eat at one that seems to be talked about the most. Canlis. Known for their dress code, award winning food, valet parking secrets, view of Lake Union and it’s odd location right on the Aurora Bridge, it is the creme de la creme so to say.

I lucked out by finding out that Canlis was participating in Seattle Restaurant week, were local places serve a menu with 3 for $28! A great deal and a great way to try out some of the new or pricier establishments. Reservations were made and outfits were picked. The only thing missing from this outing was a corsage since it felt like prom!

Our good friends Kelly C. and Jer joined us. The men had stylish suits and ties and us gals dawned our fancy jewels and heels. Some of the items we dined on:

  • Canlis Salad- Romaine, Romano Cheese, bacon, mint, oregano, and a dressing of lemon, olive oil and coddled egg
  • Truffle Fries
  • Rhubarb soup
  • English Pea Soup -honshimeji mushrooms, crème frâiche and mint
  • Black Truffle Risotto -celery leaves, mascarpone and parmesan
  • Salmon -fennel, saffron and edamame
  • Crème Brûlée -market fruit and sorbet
  • Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake -strawberry compote and rhubarb sorbet
  • Chocolate Covered Chocolate -molten chocolate cake, cocoa nib shortbread and chocolate covered salted caramel ice cream
  • An assortment of hand crafted cocktails and a flight of wine

I was not as impressed with the food. Okay, wait. The food was great! But I was much more impressed with the service. They had so many people working, all in black, but finely tuned to were I didn’t even notice them float in to refill drinks or float out when clearing our plates. I think this place is great for celebrations although maybe a little too classy for a random date night-I mean common who are we kidding, we are talking about me here and I’m the let’s go get pizza kinda date-but I am tempted to go back and just go to the lounge for their great cocktails on a special date.

After our wonderful meal we decided we couldn’t end this Seattle night just at Canlis, but we decided to venture over to another landmark, the Zig Zag Cafe. The Kelly’s ordered Moscow Mules and Brad and Jer ordered strong bourbon/whiskey based drinks. “You are not going to like this” Brad said to me as I took a sip and my faced turned into a prune. He knows me too well. It was a perfect end to a Seattle baller status night.

What’s your favorite fancy landmark restaurant or place you are wanting to try?


I suck at golf. So what do I do to make a terrible Monday worse? I hit some balls.

Last Monday I got one of those awesome “we both parked bad, I hit your car…” notes on my car and then I spilled a drink on myself and it just kept getting awesome-r.  So my friend KTP suggested we do what her, Lydia and I try to do on sunny days which is hit up the driving range-They are good at it, I just like to laugh at myself.

Lydia couldn’t join us and luckily the sun was out so I grabbed my ipod and walked the hills to Interbay to meet KTP. Side note, whenever I think of golfing the Caddy Shack gopher song pops in my head…anyone else?

After hitting a bucket of jumbo balls and most of them falling down to the people below-sorry!-I felt much better about my day…until my back hurt the next morning…Good thing I had yoga the next day.

How do you make a bad day better?

Earth Day

Saw this on my drive home. Yup. That’s right, a grown man in a full bunny costume riding his bike with a sign that says Love The Earth.

It made me smile! (Even though I was driving my car…)  I also got some cool stuff at work for Earth Day. The building was giving out energy saving light bulbs, flowers, trees, and more!

I also forgot to share with you the AWESOMENESS from my Wednesday…Which I will post the details later as it was a bucket list item!

But Brad and I went back to the delish Salumi! Last time we went there we both got the porchetta and really should have split it! This place was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and is Mario Batali’s parent’s place!

The nice lady let me try some samples of the meats before picking the agrumi- a citrus and cardamom cured salami with the homemade mozzarella-yum! I highly recommend this place and it’s long line! We took ours to go to the park!

A beautiful day and I can’t wait to share #102: Eat at Canlis!