Dreaming About a Salad

I had a Molly Wizenberg themed day on Wednesday. Without meaning too.

I had plans to join my friend Sarah for dinner. I was thinking sushi, but she had a much better idea-Delancey. Now I’ve been here before all because Brad bought me a book, which turned out to be a local food blogger-Molly Wizenberg of the blog Orangette, which she happened to have a book signing, which happened to be a book club book, which Molly and her husband Brandon Pettit opened Delancey, which I had to try, which I loved.

This place is simple.  Simply delish. We sat up at the bar and I ordered the refreshing Rachel’s Ginger Beer. Brewed in small batches and only served at a few places. (My next challenge in life is going to see if my wine making family can craft a ginger beer. I think it can definitely happen.)

Next Sarah and I thought to order the Jersey Salad since we had heard great things, but Sarah said she had recently had the seasonal Pork Belly Salad. THANK GOD SHE SAID SO.

  1. I am sad this is seasonal.
  2. Even without the pork belly I loved this salad. I am dreaming about it right now.

The salad was almost gone by the time I took this horrible picture. The pork belly was perfect and tender. The cabbage was roasted or braised or sprinkled in angel glitter because it was so good! It was nutty but melted in your mouth and had some other flavors that exploded in star bursts in my mouth. There was a few shavings of parm and a Meyer lemon vinaigrette. Not a strong lemon taste unless you ate one of the preserved rinds.

We ate our pizza without taking a picture. Because let’s admit, the salad picture isn’t making you want the salad and my pizza picture would probably do the same. We had the bacon onion pizza which was awesome, but I liked the sausage one I had last time better. They have a house made fennel sausage. Yum.

I wanted to order dessert, but I got a text from my friend Maggie who had just made a cake for book club (unfortunately there was a mishap and the cake baking took place on the wrong night-but kinda the right night if you think about it) so Sarah and I headed over to have some cake with her. And could you believe it?! She had made a Molly Wizenberg cake recipe! HA!

I don’t think this is on her blog, but possibly in her book A Homemade Life. It’s kind of like a pound cake with a lemon glaze. Maggie used her homemade apricot preserves though which tasted divine! (I’m enlisting her to berry pick and can with me this summer)  She rocks at baking!

What Orangette/Molly Wizenberg/Bloggers recipes do you love? I love the banana bread for starters and of course go crazy for Smitten Kitchen ones too!

PS: Looks like I’ll be enjoying this salad I’ve been dreaming of tonight too since I’m going out to dinner with Kelly C.!

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