{The List}: When I’m 64

So the title only really has to do with the Beatles song, which always makes me think of getting older…

This post is going to be about my amazing Bingo Birthday Party and knocking bucket list #110: Sing Karaoke!

I actually sang karaoke at my last birthday party at Hula Hula with Holly and Heather to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’ This year it was to one of my favorite songs B-52’s ‘Love Shack’ with Holly, Heidi, and Kelly C. I had no idea I’d be doing karaoke, but they had submitted our names and surprised me! Oh and that’s right, we went to Bingo Karaoke at the Senior Center…again. But this time we dressed up in crazy outfits.

That’s me in the Party hat, Julie as a pirate and Ryan as….I’m really not sure, Heather as a bumble bee, Kelly M., me, Kelly C., (I KNOW ALL NAMED KELLY), Lydia, Sarah and Heidi as a 1970’s cocktail angel, Nate and Lydia with their flashing glasses, Amie as Flava FLAV, Maggie and Kelly C. in the mullet wig, Brad in the Kanye glasses and mullet wig, Jer sporting the wig and viking hat and Heidi…can you tell throughout the night we exchanged crazy looks?! (From strangers as well)

We dinned on champagne cupcakes, popcorn, hot dogs, and beers. We grabbed our daubers had our dauber toasts and let the good times roll! One person won at our table, but the rest of us were only lucky enough to sing and dance during the karaoke. Did you notice that top left picture? Yeah, that’s Brad as Dog the bounty hunter playing the air guitar on my arm! There’s Holly and Julie as pirates! RRRRRRR! And notice Denton’s Bingo victory fist pump-and lack of crazy costume. Heidi also has a victory fist pump with the dauber in hand-although I think this is her recreating the pose from our bham adventures 🙂

That top picture is Holly scheming and picking the karaoke song! The rest are AMAZE-A-BALLS photos of how fun my friends are. Dancing and singing to all the karaoke songs! The bottom left is proof I completed #110. The bottom right is the bar we went to after Bingo were Heidi and Amie hijacked the guy behind them to Sir Mix A Lots ‘Baby Got Back’ and they did WAY better than him!

More evidence of a good time! I have such supportive friends who were up there with me!

After Bingo we headed .3 miles to a bar nearby. Let’s just say it was like a black hole time warp and they too had karaoke and jello shots. And a bunch of people dressed up for a rock star pub crawl…Rick James was there! All in all it was a great party and I loved celebrating the week before my birthday with all my friends! I’m looking forward to my actual birthday being more low-key and can’t wait to plan next year’s shenanigans…and eventually #98 which is to have my 30th in NOLA for Mardi Gras…

Happy Birthday to all you Spring babies!!!

6 thoughts on “{The List}: When I’m 64

  1. TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES! Seriously though, you plan/throw the best birthday parties. You’ll have to do one for me one of these years.

    • Haha! They only reason they are any good is because I do what I want! You always bring the fun and that’s what makes it even better 🙂

  2. I think I’m going to sing “You Oughtta Know” for karaoke for my birthday just b/c my friends think it’s funny/scary the way I sing it/scream it when playing Rock Band. Apparently I look really angry.

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