People Who Thrift Are Crazy…

So call me CRAZY!

I had a great day taking work off on April Fool’s Day as a work free birthday gift to myself! Holly was on Spring Break so we set out to do some Estate Sale shopping. And WOW! Some were good and some were awful! I also was so unprepared. I had my raincoat which was good, but hadn’t gotten cash yet, was running late, didn’t have breakfast and I was a hot mess. Luckily, after the first house Holly and I grabbed coffee and a bite and hit up the bank!

The first house we went to had a line since they only let about 5 people in the house at a time. This person was a HOARDER, yet everything was priced, cleaned slightly and organized well so I appreciated that.

I found a 1966 watercolor print by a local artist. I ended up seeing this same print for $15 at another house! I got it for $2! I can’t wait to have Brad custom frame it-It’s a large one! How can you not love the umbrellas??

I also found another teal mason jar to add to my collection-correction Holly spotted it for me while in line!

I’m ordering a Madeleine pan online so I can have a tea party soon. So I started stocking up on some tea party supplies! How awesome is this tea pot from England?!In addition to tea stuff, you’ll notice I had a squirrel shopping theme. I found this cute silver squirrel coin bank!I also got some silver serving ware. At the next place we waited in the rain for a long time with out cover! yuck! But I got another squirrel! I had spotted one of these at an antique store way back for $95!!!! I loved it, but not that much. I found this squirrel nut cracker for $12!

He looks evil in this picture, but really he just wants to crack some nuts!

I was shocked to find TWO tea cup sets with a matching dessert plate! I own some other tea cups and saucers that I’ll have to find mismatched dessert plates for.

A pretty good start for my first real full day of estate sales! Holly and I ended it with some Burgermaster, which we have decided every time we estate sale we should end it with a different burger place. Not the healthiest idea but still a great one!

What treasures have you found at an estate sale or thrift shop? What do you collect? Are you crazy like me too??!!






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