{The List}: Paul Simon

Bucket List #112: See a legend in concert. I’d count my first concert with Neil Diamond, but since I wasn’t bloggin’ back in elementary school I’ll count Paul Simon as the latest legend. Although, meeting Perry from Jane’s Addiction and seeing them at Lollapalooza I think counts as Legen-wait for it-DARY.

Brad surprised me with tickets to see Paul Simon at the WAMU Theater on April 15th. We decided to meet in Pioneer Square for dinner at the New Orleans Restaurant which seemed fitting with Paul Simon’s music.

Brad trying to hijack my hurricane.

When we were in NOLA I couldn’t get enough of the local Abita Purple Haze and this place has Abita in bottles and on TAP! WIN! (HA look at the lady in the back!)

By the way…I took the bus BY MYSELF to meet Brad. I’ve taken the bus before to sports events and such and in college I rode it every day. But for this particular event I was stressed about the bus and getting off on the wrong stop. And wouldn’t you know the bus changed routes and luckily I got off before it headed to Madison. Just my luck.

I apologize for the photos, I used my cell phone. Look how little he is! Okay but seriously he played perfectly and sounds just like putting on a record! He played some of my favorites, but he did not play ME AND JULIO. FAIL. He played two encores and in one he did a solo acoustic (pictured above) to the Sound of Silence. Almost brought me to tears.

I would go into more depth, but it was to magical to even put into words. Thanks Brad! I loved it!!

What legends have you seen in concert??

4 thoughts on “{The List}: Paul Simon

  1. I saw Elton John when I was in college – back about the time he was really getting popular. It was awesome and, like you, my boyfriend at the time got the tickets for us 😉

  2. Oh my gosh, Chris and his wife Tiffany went the same night. They said he was good. i so wish we were there.

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