{Pet Peeves}: String Cheese


String Cheese. I love string cheese. Easy to pack for a snack or a quick bite to hold me over until dinner. So what is my pet peeve with string cheese you ask?

There is a RIGHT and there is a WRONG way to eat it. It is called string cheese not a cheese log. It is meant to be peeled into strings and then deliciously nibbled on. Not munched by the giant bite full-ewwwww.

When I see someone just go at it with the string cheese and chow down on it it grosses me OUT! I tried eating it that way once and it tasted awful. How can something taste different when prepared differently when it is still the same cheese…

So all you string cheese munchers out there KNOCK IT OFF.

How do you eat your string cheese?? String it or gobble it down?

5 thoughts on “{Pet Peeves}: String Cheese

  1. I munch. But it’s mostly because I don’t know how to peel it into strings. But I’ll try to avoid eating it in public in case there is anyone around that feels the way you do.

  2. I’m sorry to tell you I’m a string cheese muncher. I hope we can still be cousins. In my defense…I eat it for breakfast while driving to work…in a manual car…so eating it the stringy way could result in my death. I hope you will honor my situation as a special exception.

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