Earth Day

Saw this on my drive home. Yup. That’s right, a grown man in a full bunny costume riding his bike with a sign that says Love The Earth.

It made me smile! (Even though I was driving my car…)  I also got some cool stuff at work for Earth Day. The building was giving out energy saving light bulbs, flowers, trees, and more!

I also forgot to share with you the AWESOMENESS from my Wednesday…Which I will post the details later as it was a bucket list item!

But Brad and I went back to the delish Salumi! Last time we went there we both got the porchetta and really should have split it! This place was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and is Mario Batali’s parent’s place!

The nice lady let me try some samples of the meats before picking the agrumi- a citrus and cardamom cured salami with the homemade mozzarella-yum! I highly recommend this place and it’s long line! We took ours to go to the park!

A beautiful day and I can’t wait to share #102: Eat at Canlis!

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