I suck at golf. So what do I do to make a terrible Monday worse? I hit some balls.

Last Monday I got one of those awesome “we both parked bad, I hit your car…” notes on my car and then I spilled a drink on myself and it just kept getting awesome-r.  So my friend KTP suggested we do what her, Lydia and I try to do on sunny days which is hit up the driving range-They are good at it, I just like to laugh at myself.

Lydia couldn’t join us and luckily the sun was out so I grabbed my ipod and walked the hills to Interbay to meet KTP. Side note, whenever I think of golfing the Caddy Shack gopher song pops in my head…anyone else?

After hitting a bucket of jumbo balls and most of them falling down to the people below-sorry!-I felt much better about my day…until my back hurt the next morning…Good thing I had yoga the next day.

How do you make a bad day better?


  1. Usually I have to blast a good song and scream at the top of my lungs. Go to the gym and do some weight machines. I don’t know. I usually don’t stay too upset too long; I’m usually over it by the time I’m ready to go to bed. Golf would serve to make me more angry!

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