{The List}: Cheerio!

Bucket List #24: Have High Tea

I’ve been obsessing over having a tea party lately and slowly collecting all the items I’ll need to have an amazing tea party. But in the mean time I was wanting to celebrate the Royal Wedding by having formal British tea. (I didn’t realize until now there was a web page dedicated to this craziness).

Side note: Happy Birthday to my Dad!!

Growing up I loved having tea. My sixth grade birthday party was meant to be at a tea parlor in Bellevue, but ended up having a kitchen fire so we had it at the nearby British Pantry! They serve an afternoon tea and also have a cute tea and import shop.

Holly, AY and I meet for a pot of English Breakfast-don’t you just love the knitted 1970’s cozy and fun creamer?

The afternoon tea is served with a scone, cream, jam, cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, fruit, and a dessert.

Those sandwiches are my fav! All in all it was a lovely afternoon tea, but I don’t know if it was exactly what I would say as bucket list worthy. I’m planning on trying a more formal tea at the Queen Mary in Seattle soon!

Does anyone know of any other tea rooms in Seattle? Or what is your favorite tea or treat?


4 thoughts on “{The List}: Cheerio!

  1. I’ve actually read several posts about having tea lately which has inspired me to look into this myself. I actually really don’t like hot tea at all but I still think it would be fun to just have a “high tea” afternoon with a few close girlfriends.

    • I actually prefer iced tea, but the treats are what makes it! you should definitely get some friends together!

  2. My sister and I are high tea fanatics. Georgian Room at the Fairmont, Queen Mary in the U-District and Sorrento Hotel all have wonderful tea. My personal fav is the Sorrento. If you’ve ever gone to the lounge for cocktails, that’s where tea is served in comfy chairs by the fireplace. There also a great little place in Port Gamble if you’re ever there.

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