Rwanda Packed in Bags

Do you know what is more difficult than saying good bye to a dear friend headed to the Peace Corps in Rwanda?

Helping them pack 2 years of stuff into two bags and a carry on and have it weigh under 50 pounds!!!!

This is what manic packing looks like. Stuff was everywhere when my friend Bell and I arrived at Heidi’s on Thursday.  I immediately started a plan. Eat, drink, then pack.

When we arrived back, Bell went straight into pack mode jamming things in bags, as I went into let’s just throw out everything you don’t need, then we can look at what you do need. That all got side tracked when we found the giant onesie.

Sorry for the picture quality- I was laughing to hard when I took it. We found all sorts of treasures (luckily I was able to snag a lot of great stuff-thanks Heidi! Every time I use any of it I can think of you!)

This was a definite keep item! Heidi had a box just for items that she would keep. Oh Bellingham.

We had to repack and reweigh this bag a bunch of times. Team work involves a onesie.

After a successful afternoon of getting almost everything packed and the car loaded with Goodwill items we treated ourselves to the yummy D’Anna’s (if you go, get the butternut squash ravioli, you will thank me) and a night out on the town including 80’s night dancing and Heidi wearing this button…

Kiss me I’m going to Africa.

Tomorrow Heidi lands in Rwanda. And begins my countdown of approximately 547 days until I go to Rwanda to visit her. (I’ll need to add Africa to my list).

Any tips on how to get me to Rwanda in a year and a half? Besides increasing my pay and shots??


5 thoughts on “Rwanda Packed in Bags

    • Isn’t it the best meal ever!!!??? I always thought I’d go to South Africa, but with a friend in Rwanda I figure its a good opportunity to visit!! Wanna go too? (My only road block is money…)

  1. She’s SERIOUSLY going to Rwanda! Oh Kelly, I was just saying today how I have no idea how I would have mad it to Rwanda without you. I love the blog posts.

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