April Brew’s Day

After all of the packing and cleaning and cooking for Heidi’s farewell, we were ready to party!

There’s that ‘Kiss me I’m going to Africa’ button again! Heidi made some amazing pulled pork tacos, I made that awesome artichoke spinach dip, Bell made quinoa and pretty much everything, and Heidi made a pitcher margarita recipe I had found that was really good! The recipe will be in my Cinco de Mayo post!

To celebrate Heidi’s farewell we ate at her house, sat in the hammock and porch, took pictures in a photo booth, tried to share stories of Heidi-until she said that was too much like a roast and then we walked to downtown Bellingham for April Brew’s Day!

I had never been to this event before and am not a huge beer drinker, but ended up having a blast! Here is a horrible shot of the little glasses you get with the logo, the breweries and the beer they have (usually two types) and the drink tickets!

The sun was shining for us and the lines were long at the Honey Buckets (or what ever other funny name you call them. Brad’s friends laughed at me in Louisiana when I asked where the Honey Buckets were during tailgating at the LSU game.)

The best part of the night was when I bought a GIANT pretzel and had them use ribbon to tie it around my neck. I’d seen others with the medium pretzels and said to the lady I’d like the GIANT one. She looked at me wide eyed and said “Seriously? You’ll be the first with a GIANT one on string!” Uh, duh lady. Go big or go home.

It was delish and the talk of the town. I tried trading a bit for a bottled beer. No go.

Heidi also enjoyed it.

The beers I liked the best (and I prefer light beers so I apologize if you don’t like my list):

  • Fish Brewing Spire Draft Cider
  • Boundary Bays Ginger Peach Ale
  • Dick’s Brewing Double Danger Ale
  • Also a Vanilla Porter but can’t remember the brewery

After the April Brew’s Day we went to the good ole shoe and Ranch Room. On the way Bell and I found a car running, music playing, zebra seat covers and no one in or near it…strang-ingham. Typical.

Did anyone else go to Brew’s Day? What was your favorite beer?


3 thoughts on “April Brew’s Day

  1. I love beer festivals! There is an epic one here in Durham, NC that we make a point to attend each year. We string regular size pretzles onto strings and bring them in ourselves, but you’ve inspired me to get a super big one on a ribbon this year.

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