Emerald Downs

For Brad’s Birthday we headed down the day prior to the Kentucky Derby for some horse races at Emerald Downs!

Brad and I went to Emerald Downs a few years ago and were super excited to gamble, drink, and win! If you’ve never been you should it put it on your to do list.

It was a cold and rainy night, but not crowd which was nice! There were 8 races total and let’s just say I only made 80 cents…

This group had fun hats and suits on. The very first race one of them had bet a superfectia which means they picked the exact 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place horses and they WON! Not fair. Next time I’ll wear a stupid hat and win too.

These are the tickets once you place your bet. I was so close with this one! I had an exacta box bet, but only one of the two horses placed.

Emerald Downs has it down! The timing is perfect. After each race you have about 20 minutes to use the bathroom, get food and drinks, look at the horses, place a bet and then next thing you know its race time! I bet on this horse. It DID not win.

Happy Birthday Brad! I hope it was special and a fun day!

Who wants to go on the next sunny Saturday?

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