{Tea Time}: Things I Want. Right Now.

My obsession with tea as previously noted with collecting tea items, afternoon tea, and now things I want. Right. Now. Tea Time.

1. A great way to store and display special tea cups.

source via pinterest

And if I had a lot of tea cups and a lot of space…

source via pinterest

2. So simple. I already bought a milk glass cream and sugar but this one makes me smile and would be great for coffee or cereal too!

source via pinterest (no original source)

3. Rock candy as a sugar stirrer. While in Cancun they used rock candy to add glam and sugar to our cappuccinos!


4. When having tea, you should probably use cloth napkins….not paper towels.

source via pinterest

5. I love DIY and Martha. Someone gave me a tea cup candle once and I loved it! You recycle, craft, and can eventually clean it out and reuse it! This would also make an awesome centerpiece for a tea party.

source via pinterest

6. I love these tea time items that are on etsy. So adorb.

source via pinterest

7. And another Martha DIY. This could be cute for almost any tea time or special person!


Are you tea obsessed like me? Maybe coffee? Or even bar stuff? Or am I all alone in this. Right. Now.


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