{Books}: Chris Cleave

I am so excited to start reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave for my next book club book especially after getting to meet him at the Seattle Reads Ballard Library event on May 14th.

Kelly C. and  I went even though we haven’t started the book yet. Last time I went to a book signing was for Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life and it was packed! So we decided to get there really early and situate our seats so we could get out and in line for the signing right away! We were both worried the book discussion might ruin some of the story for us…

Sorry for the grainy photos. I like to be sneaky and take random awful photos with my phone.

Some details were shared that Kelly and I tried to plug our ears for, but Chris Cleave is a well spoken, charming, and funny author and I enjoyed every bit of it! He shared stories about how he developed particular characters (I can’t wait to start reading about Batman!), family stories about alien spaceships, and about how he ends books (which was a fantastic answer about how he feels he doesn’t want to be the judge of how a story should or shouldn’t end).

From all of the author readings/signings I have been too I really enjoyed listening and talking with him. He captivates the audience with his accent and his public speaking skills without the umm’s and aaah’s, just a great story teller.

I didn’t have time to ask him my question, but we were third in line for the signing and he spent plenty of time talking with us that I felt bad for holding up the line and didn’t ask for a picture with him (I’m a book geek I know!). But he took time to talk to us and thank us for coming, about our book club (I invited him, but he said he’s moving that day ha ha!), and I asked him where he gets his inspiration for his stories-experience, travel, news, etc. It boiled down to a news story or something he’ll hear and find interesting or he is curious about or see a story in.

I had already purchased his second book too, with the feeling that I am going to really enjoy Little Bee so I had him sign both. Have you seen the cover art for his books? They are works of art themselves. (Let’s hope all this positive talk sticks once I read these…I’m sure it will!)

How nice is that? I’m so glad I was able to make this event and a huge kudos for Seattle libraries for always doing great events! I can’t wait to finish the book(s) and give you all a yay (hopefully not a nay). If Chris Cleave is coming to your town, you must go see him speak, even if you haven’t read the book!

What authors have you meet? Or other famous person??


3 thoughts on “{Books}: Chris Cleave

  1. Oh Kelly,
    I’m soooo jealous that you got to hear him and TALK to him. Little Bee is a fabulous book, so well written and I promise you, Little Bee will live in your heart for quite a while after finishing the book.
    Have you read “Her Fearful Symmetry”? We just did it for BC up here, it generates a great discussion.
    Happy Reading!

    • Thanks Ilene! He was amazing for sure and I’m excited to start Little Bee in the next few days after my current book. I haven’t heard of Her Fearful Symmetry, but I will look it up and add it to my list!

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