Great Wolf Lodge

‘Ello Govah-onar!

Yes. That is my attempt at typing one of the many British accents I heard from high school (actually American) students for two days. Turns out they had been talking in accents since Saturday and it was Wednesday by the time I meet up with them!

So if you were wondering what the water park photo in the teaser post was about…


I was at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mounds, WA for a conference with a bunch of amazing youth presenting their community change projects last week.

The water park bracelet was also your room key. GENIUS!

My good friend Jessica joined me as a chaperone with 12 youth and headed to dinner the first night at…

This place was a hole in the wall kinda place. With signs like this…

The Great Wolf Lodge is perfect for a conference like this. Middle of no where water park with every detail figured out. A great place for a family trip if you have kids.

I was exhausted with the long drive home too, but it reminded me why I love working with youth and how much they make me laugh and blow me away with the work they are doing to make their communities a better place.

And weird that I am no longer a young adult. I’m old.

One thought on “Great Wolf Lodge

  1. I actually kinda guessed Great Wolf Lodge but I guess it doesn’t count if I didn’t tell you my guess. Glad you had a good time. They have one here in NC but I’ve never really thought much about going; I guess I kinda figure it would be best to go to if you had kids.

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