{The List}: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Bucket List #130. BOO YA!

You are never going to believe this. First of all I had never even thought to add this to my list until the opportunity came up and I was like…uh, hello. Duh. This is TOTALLY going on my list. Done and done.

Remember my teasers post? Well the Jet Setter Tee and the Mississippi River photos were all about this post.

Brad and I flew to Baton Rouge for the weekend to surprise his Grandma for her birthday…on a private plane!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEP!

Brad’s mom’s best friend lives near us in Seattle and her and her family were very generous to invite us with them! THANK YOU!

We felt like movie stars pulling up and walking onto the plane. No security check line, no ticket, just hop on and leave! You have so much leg room and are quickly asked if you want cold or room temperature water. Why did I ever fly commercial?!

Brad played bartender on our flight. They had everything you could possibly think of! Jelly Belly’s. Check. Energy bars. Check. Mini alcohol bottles. Check. Leather over sized chairs and couch. Check.

We enjoyed a catered lunch that was soooooo good! Tons of sandwiches with all the fixings and the most amazing fruit platter. YUM!

Uh, how cool was the view too? We flew on the first day to hit 70 degrees in Seattle in about 180 days and had breath taking views of Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens! You can see the dome of Helens is caved in from the last blast a few years ago and of course the BIG one in the 1980’s.

Side Note: I can’t believe Holly has climbed Mt. Saint Helens and others have climbed both!! Have any of you climbed any mountains like these?

The flight had these screens to tell us all the flight info. This was the flight home and we ended up at about 51,000 feet and 600 mph at our highest and fastest! (Commercial jets fly at about 30,000 feet). It was fun to keep track of where we were when we would look out the window too.

By the way, did I mention I have a small plane phobia? I can manage fine but I really don’t like it. This was a breeze though, only a little bit of turbulence on the way there. Oh and I almost had a panic attack when I locked myself in the bathroom.

That’s right. I locked myself in the bathroom and couldn’t get out! The sliding door had to be pushed up and over to be latched shut and I couldn’t get it undone. HA HA. Laugh it up. I started to panic briefly as I knocked and said BRAD! BRAD! He luckily heard me and easily just slid it open. THANK GOD he is stronger than me, otherwise I would have been trapped forever. 🙂

This photo was hard to take and doesn’t show the magnitude of what is happening with the Mississippi River flooding. You can see the river in the back and can you see all the muddy water that has flooded? the Mississippi is a mighty river and this flooding is so sad to see, especially because it could be MONTHS before the water subsides. Keep them in your thoughts!

On our ride back we had a smaller plane-gosh how can we survive with a smaller private plane?! We were so said to say good bye to Louisiana and all of Brad’s family. We always have such a great time!

It was cloudy on our return home to Seattle. Check out Mount Rainier now-not so visible!

As much as I love traveling there is nothing like coming home! Hello Seattle and 55 degrees and cloudy!

Again, Thank you so much to Amy and her family for sharing a ride and letting us take TONS of pictures and giggle like little kids. It meant so much to us to have the luxorious opportunity and to surprise Brad’s grandma!

Have you ever been on a private plane?  Locked yourself in a bathroom? Been to Louisiana? I have!

Travel on all you jet setters!

4 thoughts on “{The List}: Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Awesome!

    I love to see different bucket lists and I checked with high interest Yours. It was full of interesting things to do, to get unforgettable experiences. Now when You completed in Your list # 130, and some day make Your 94.Helicopter ride, then You might add one more to Your list. Now I am not talking about to spend a night in world’s biggest snow castle in Finland in my country, but to be a day as a pilot in flying simulator.

    My wife gave to me a birthday present to fly in the simulator of commercial air plane of DC-9 during three hours.

    My experience is here:


    I wish to You a very happy day full with experiences.

    • WOW! Your pictures are so cool and I am jealous of your experience! I actually should post about the helicopter ride as I flew in one in San Fransisco, CA under the golden gate bridge!!! I’ll post about that very soon since you reminded me! Thanks!

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