{The List}: Crawfish Boil

Bucket List #88. Check. Check.

Back in June of 2010 I was back in Louisiana with Brad for a Gulf of Mexico trip/family reunion of sorts. Crawfish is in season and I had my first official crawfish!

There’s some shrimp in there too! I had to learn the best way to eat them and it was so much fun that this year I got to have more!!

If you remember I recently completed list #130 when I flew to Baton Rouge and for Brad’s Grandma’s birthday party we had 35 pounds of crawfish!! YES. THIRTY FIVE POUNDS.

It had been about a year since I’d had crawfish and needed a refresher on how to eat them. I found this handy how to eat boiled crawfish for all of you! (Note that I did suck the juice from ONE crawfish head. But couldn’t do it again. I’m from the NW give me a break.) And I also saw this about how to host a crawfish boil to give you an idea of what it is like if you’ve never experienced it before.

Now let’s be honest here. These guys are pretty creepy looking. But if you’ve never had crawfish it’s pretty similar to crab or lobster. Actually you just eat the tail similar to lobster, it’s just really tiny.


Brad showing me how its done. By the way he challenged me to a race in eating one crawfish. I lost.

Someone also mentioned that Seattle doesn’t have good seafood. I beg to differ! Both are great but here’s the difference.

  • In the South, the food is well seasoned, not meaning spicy, but that can also be the case. They also have really good shrimp. Like the best shrimp I’ve ever had in my life Bubba!
  • In Seattle, we rarely use a lot of seasoning but the seafood is still naturally just as good. Like a good steak, all you need is salt and pepper. Plus we have better crab and oysters. Just saying.

Feel free to disagree, but let’s all agree on the fact that seafood, even muddy buddy crawfish, is delish!

2 thoughts on “{The List}: Crawfish Boil

  1. I’m from the South but we don’t tend to eat crawfish (crayfish) in NC, so I’ve never had any. In NC, we tend to just fry EVERYTHING so you can’t tell the difference between oysters, fish, or shrimp!

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