{The List, Things I Want}: Daiquiri Bar

I’ve come up with a business idea.

Daiquiri. Bar.

I love me some cool blended beverages in the South. I can’t stand the hot and humid weather for very long so a cold daiquiri always cools me down.

In Louisiana they have a business called a daiquiri bar that is genius and blows my mind why Seattle doesn’t have one. HELLO! I know it’s not hot enough all the time, but basically it’s a glorified 7-11 Slurpee magnified times 100!

So simple. Pick a cup size and pick a flavor and off you go to your tropical vacation. Brad and I had the Hurricane and his friend Wayne got the Island Shocker. And good times were had by all.

Seriously, who wants to be my business partner? This could fulfill my list #118 of starting a business…

4 thoughts on “{The List, Things I Want}: Daiquiri Bar

  1. Yum! When I lived back in Massachusetts, I rented a cottage on Cape Cod with friends one summer. The best part – walking distance to a great bar with tables outside, an oceanside view and different flavored daiquiris frequently on the happy hour menu.

  2. Yes! This NEEDS to happen! We could set up a stand right by madison park! Ooh, we could do a rainbow one, you KNOW dancing speedo guy would be all over that one! 🙂

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