Some Tunes for ME!

Back to that teaser post a while ago…

The picture of the CD with Brandi Carlile, remember it? Well, I ordered her new CD because Holly and I had gone to the live recording with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall in November-I barely survived that show with an extreme case of the FLU.

But Holly and I sang our hearts out and are singing on the CD!! Okay, so is all of the other bah-gillion people in the audience to Turpentine. But I’m famous so yeah.

Not sure who else out there is a fan of Washington local Brandi Carlile, but she has an amazing voice and Holly and I got tickets to see her this Summer!!

What an awesomely bad photo. Sorry.

Not with a series of problems though. Her first show at Zoo Tunes (it is outdoor concerts at Woodland Park Zoo) sold out by the time Holly and Barb had told me to buy tickets. Seriously? Ugh.

I luckily heard on the radio that she had scheduled a SECOND show because that one had sold out so quickly. Problem was they were going on sale when I wouldn’t have access to a laptop. Again, UGH!

Luckily, my little smarty pants of a phone was able to buy them for me!!!! YES, no UGH!

I also am hoping to get my hands on some more tickets for some concerts this summer, but am really looking forward to Brandi’s show-since I can belt out all the tunes at the top of my lungs. Are there any bands or concerts you are dying to go to or got tickets to this summer??

Rock on,


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