{Things I Want}: Snail Mail

I love getting snail mail. To the point were I will sign up for catalogs just to get mail. Bad I know. Since my friend Heidi left for the Peace Corps I’ve been working on writing her as well as sending random cards here and there to friends. I was also talking with a friend yesterday about how now with technology many people are losing the ability to actually write with pen and paper or losing touch the good old pen pal way. So to get me excited about snail mail and to get you to send me snail mail (ha ha) and to change the world, I’ve made a great list of snail mail stuff I want. Right. Now.

1. World’s Smallest Post Office. No way.

2. A mail center. I need to find an old shutter, paint it, and turn it into my mail center. Or use a cool bird cage-which would hold stamps and other supplies too!


3.  A cute custom return stamp. Problem is I have lived in 5 different places in 7 years and my permanent address isn’t really my mailing address…this will have to wait. But how cute are these??


4.  This DIY dip dyed stationary I recently saw at Creature Comforts and is from Martha Stewart. Cute and DIY!

5. I have way too many cute address books as it is-that I rarely update-but I love this classic old school one!

source via pinterest

6. This is also a DIY project for an air mail pillow! Must get to crafty work time asap.

source via pinterest

7. When making handmade cards or sending a plain envelope I always want to jazz them up with stamps and such. But how cool are these Japanese Wasabi Masking Tapes in a variety of colors and patterns?! It could seal an envelope or add to a craft project or photo! Must get some…OK remember the teaser post. I did get some. Airmail colors to be exact! WOOP!


source via pinterest

8. Speaking of jazzing things up, I love stamps.

source via pinterest

9. When I own a house, I will be promptly ordering a personalized address plate. And this one is pretty dang cool, especially for a beach house.

source via pinterest

10. And since my handwriting has gone down the tube and I used to love using our family’s old typewriter, I want a cool vintage typewriter. That works. For cheap.

source via pinterest

I have about a bahgilliontrillion more snail mail things on my snail mail board on Pinterest if you want to check it out! WARNING: PINTEREST IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

Now I challenge all of you to go out and HAND WRITE/TYPE and send a friend or family member a letter or a postcard or something! It will surely brighten their day and maybe you’ll get some karma points.

Write on, Right Now.

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