A Snail Mail Story

I lived in the same house for 18 years. A two-story white french colonial with shutters in a suburban dream. We had the largest TWO story tree house in the backyard complete with a death trap of a slide and swings. We had a hot tub and a half basketball court. We had 4 bathrooms that I was in charge of cleaning (I HATED IT). We had a room devoted to a pool table (we were the hang out house in high school fo sho). We had a living room with a giant front window to let in sunlight and views of my favorite tree in the front yard.

We also had an apple tree that I would always climb as a kid even in my Sunday dress. The house was great, a true gem. But more than anything my family created that house into a home. My family built it from the ground up and for years we celebrated Thanksgivings and Easter egg hunts and birthdays there. I loved that house and the warmth of my mom, dad and brother. What a family!

Soon after my first year in college my family sold the house and packed up the 28+ years from that house and moved an hour north to a new lovely home. Although I cried tears of sadness (I’m the baby in the family), I also cried tears of joy. Our old house had horrible blackberry bushes and I was so glad to say adios to those!

But let’s get to the heart of the snail mail story. That house had a mailbox. It started out as a normal mailbox. Then one too many times it was getting smashed by baseball bats. Every neighbor was having this problem for a few months. So my dad, handyman and smartest man alive and slightly revengeful in this case, devised a plan.

It took a few guys to carry and set up the new mail box. Let’s just say it was three times the size of the old ones.
Now as you can see this was a photo taken right before we sold the house. The door is really dinged up and bent and there is some rusting. But this mailbox lasted 10 years or more and is probably still there. What on Earth did the Captain do to make this indestructible mailbox??

He took a normal sized one, put it in the giant new one and filled the empty space with….


HA! So when those rascals came with their metal bats they were in for a surprise. They still tried to mess up the door on it and we were forever know as the cement mailbox house, but it solved the problem of replacing our mailbox every so often.

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