{Pet Peeves}: Keys on Belt Loops

Unless your profession requires you to have your keys accessible at all times (i.e. Janitorial, Manager of a business, even…Hey, I’m a Limo Driver-name that movie) then you my friend are my pet peeve #258. Keys on belt loops.

source and they too took notice of the keys…well and the skinny jeans!

It’s not that jingle jangle that brothers me. It’s purely the fact that YOU have  a ton of keys, key chains, and gadgets on a carabiner and have strapped it to your belt loop to dangle and taunt me because A.  Your pants are too tight B. You have too many keys C. You want someone to steal them D. You think it looks ‘cool’ or E. All of the above.

Okay I know I have really no room to talk because I carry a purse that enables me to carry an entire life inside it at all times (although I opt for the smaller hand bags not the giant celebrity style ones).

And I know many of the people in my life that I truly care about are out there going “OMG! I’m one of Kelly’s Pet Peeves!” But do no fret my key belt loop loving friends, I’m not going to do anything about it…

I may try to steal your keys next time though.

9 thoughts on “{Pet Peeves}: Keys on Belt Loops

  1. Agreed. Why anyone would want to look like they’re wielding a janitor’s load of keys is beyond me. Also? Thanks for the pingback for using my pic! 🙂

  2. Hahahhaahhh. People with Keys on Caribeaners are annoying. That’s not a fucking key chain! Miss you friend, LET’s SKYPE!

  3. You know what’s more ridiculous than keys an a carabiner? Wearing a warped tour all access pass from three years ago with your keys on the carabiner. True story, I ran into a guy doing that one night at the Rogue. Hahaha.

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