{The List}: Trying to Crochet

I’m trying to complete list #85 which is to learn how to crochet. My grandma taught me how to knit when I was around 13 and I’ve become fairly advanced-currently I am working on learning how to cable and make bobbles, which turns out to be way easier than I thought! (I’ll have to photograph some projects to share sometime!) But I’ve always had an interest in being able to also crochet so I can have the flexibility to do either one.

So far I have taught myself how to just make a single chain with crochet with the help of a book from the library called Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller aka the Yarn God. She has some great knit books too, Stitch ‘N Bitch is one I own that I continually reference.

But now I am stuck. I think the book will be more helpful after I get some serious learning from a real life person. I’m looking into taking a class at a craft store soon and hope to report back in the future with a full crocheted wardrobe! (okay, maybe a scarf)

Until then, Knit on!

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