{Recipes}: To-go-gurt

My co-worker brought in a bunch of yogurt parfaits to work the other day and they were so good and a great on the go breakfast idea that I had to steal her idea and share it with you!

A yummy healthy breakfast with my french press faux vanilla latte in my fav Seattle cup (Thanks DAD!).

To-go-gurt from smorgbord


  • Giant tub of flavor of your choice yogurt-I like vanilla
  • Frozen or fresh fruit
  • Granola
  • Plastic spoons, cups, lids-with straw opening and little plastic cups with lids

Put frozen or fresh fruit in bottom of four cups. Fill yogurt into cups spreading evenly between four cups (One tub is enough for four to-go-gurts). Place spoon in cup and use straw opening in lid to feed the handle through and close lid onto cup. Keep in the refrigerator.

Pour granola into small cups and seal with lid and store where handy. When you leave in the morning simply grab a cup from the fridge and grab a granola cup and go! Then add the granola to the yogurt, mix and enjoy!

To-go-gurt! Yum!


2 thoughts on “{Recipes}: To-go-gurt

  1. In the spirit of Summer in Seattle AND since you mentioned your faux vanilla latte, I thought I’d pass along a little genius idea curtosey of our friend Alex Hines. COFFEE ICE CUBES! I love iced coffee with some vanilla syrup and half & half, but I HATE when the ice melts and makes the coffee watery…Problem solved! When the coffee ice cubes melt, its just more coffee!!!! AHA!

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