{The List}: I Left My Heart in San Fransisco

In having recently completed my list #130: Flying in a private plane, I’d like to go back in time to tell you about how I completed #94: Helicopter ride.

The summer of 2006 I went to visit three of my awesome buddies in San Fransisco. This would turn out to be no ordinary visit.

Me, Andrea, Anna, and Lydia

You see I have some of the most amazing friends and these three happened to have friends involved in the heli-business.

The helicopter I rode in

But before I get to the highlight of that trip let me tell you what else they showed me while I was there…

The Full House House!!!!! This is in Alamo Square and how I would love to live in one of those houses-and have Uncle Jesse and Kimmy around.

Lombard Street-the crookedest street in America! (And the world?) We drove down this and then I jumped out of the car for a tourist photo!

I can’t remember what this place was called but it was the beach and it had some old bath houses? I just thought this was a cool picture 🙂

We also tried to find the ‘Real World’ rock-the one from the San Fran season where the cast would sit and talk and you could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Didn’t find it but we got a lot of cool foggy bridge photos.

Andrea, me and Anna

We also walked across the bridge and it was super windy! Typical.

Anna, Me, Andrea and Lydia

Then came a once in a life time opportunity…

I got to sit up front for a helicopter tour of the city! In the background music was playing…”if you are going to San Fransisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…” as the heli began to take off I realized there had been no safety instructions…dun dun dun.

Luckily, the pilot knew what he was doing. We had a clear day (when does that ever happen in SF?) and saw the Coit Tower, which I went up during my trip to SF in 2009 and I don’t get afraid easily, but I was super claustrophobic and scared in this tower for some reason.

We fly over Alcatraz, which I still need to visit, especially their night tour of the old creepy prison.

One of my favorite spots…Fisherman’s Wharf! Always a fun to go see the stinky sea lions laying out!

And then…on the clearest day of my trip we headed to fly over the Golden Gate Bridge! I have always been amazed with bridges and love the bright red of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then, the helicopter FLEW UNDER THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! UNDER  IT!!! It turns out the company is the only aircraft allowed to fly UNDER the bridge! What an amazing way to see the bridge after walking across it too.

This was the view from my seat-you also had a floor window to get an extra viewpoint. I really enjoyed the helicopter ride since there was so much to look at and the pilot was super nice even offering to take pictures of me. The only down fall was the landing and I’m not sure if this always happens, but as we were landing I felt a lot of pressure in my head and ears. I kept trying to pop them but I ended up feeling a little dizzy and had a headache from that. Could have just been me being weak!

Have you ever been in a helicopter? What’s your favorite San Fran landmark?

Fly on!

PS Love to you my good friends Lydia, Andrea, and Anna for being super awesome!


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