{Things I Want}: The Ocean

With summer on the brim and hopes of spending time basking in the glowing rays of the sun on a bright sandy beach and listening to the waves crash into the coast has got me wanting all of these ocean like things. Right. Now.

First and for most I believe in sun safety! Protect your skin and your age by tanning and playing safely with the SLIP, SLAP, SLOP, and WRAP!

  • Slip on a shirt
  • Slap on a hat
  • Slop on the sunscreen
  • Wrap on some sunglasses

Okay, my Public Service Announcement is over!

1. Whales. I’m really wanting to get some cool whale items for my bathroom or even a nautical themed office…hmmm the possibilities are endless! Here are some of my favorite whale items I found on pinterest (the whole ocean board with more cool ocean stuff is here).




Must get cool whale stuff. Or see a whale. That’d be cool too.

2. My family and friends are my anchor. I always need my anchors-especially if I were to go on a boat-so here is some awesome anchor themed stuff! PS I’m going on some seriously terrifying water adventures this summer for my list!! Can’t wait to not DIE.


ummm…hello! I love snail mail and this is great!


Very clever and earthy bracelet.

source unknown via pinterest/tumblr

3. Speaking of anchors…nautical themed stuff is so cute! I would love to have a whole beach house with nautical stuff, but since I don’t have a beach house I can settle on a few key items for the summer.


I especially like the rope accents. LOVE!

4. No ocean things I want post would be complete without coral and shells!!


Easy home decor idea that you could change as you wish!


Craft time! I like the idea of spray painting all the shells to match-especially in a striking shiny silver. OOH LA LA!

5. Last but not least, because at some point we all want to be a mermaid. Admit it. It’d be cool to ‘live under the sea, where life is so much better!’



What do you love about the ocean? What do you want to help you get ready for the summer? Right. Now.

Sail away,


2 thoughts on “{Things I Want}: The Ocean

  1. BAH! I want that Jonathan Adler Whale pitcher SO badly but it’s $95!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also makes a bitchin’ whale shaped butter dish for $65…

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