Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s out there-But especially to the world’s best-The Captain!!! Here we are dancing at my brother’s wedding to Neil Diamond our favorite. Fun random fact: My first concert was Neil Diamond with my dad!

Not sure when this photo was taken, but I’m sure it was before I was born-alas the beard. Looks like my mom and him went cross country skiing one of our families past times and another fun fact: My dad made that down jacket. Sewed it. Amazing!

The Captain is also a jokester! At my brother’s wedding they had a picture wall made up for photos. Here he is with my cousin and aunt attacking Brad and I…sometimes parents are more out of control….Just kidding dad!Since all of the Captain’s kids are over 21 these days, our family has started making our own wine! Here he is in the pouring rain getting buckets ready for our Pinot and Riesling grapes to be de-stemmed and then pressed!

My dad is the coolest. How do I know? Look at that mustache! I think this was when my parents were first married-aka the 1970’s. WOW. Okay also notice that the style they both have would totally fit in with today’s indie trends. Those trendsetters!

Here my dad is teaching my brother science. In the form of wine. I love my family!

My dad is also a Vietnam veteran from the Air Force which I am so proud of!

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I am so thankful for all of the things you have taught me-independence, confidence, giving, handyman skills, driving, gardening, and so much more, except you still need to show me how to change a flat tire. 🙂 You are the world’s bravest, funniest, supportive, and loving dad there is! I love you!

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