{The List}: Fear of Drowning

I am afraid of 5 things. 1. Death 2. Drowning 3. Bees 4. Needles 5. Snakes. All can result in death, hence why it is #1. I love water, but fast moving rivers really scare me and so does the idea of white water rafting. Why would THAT be a good idea?! Surely, I would die.

So I never thought to put it on my list until my friend AY suggested it for her Lumberjack Bachelorette Party and it became #121. After I was assured I wouldn’t A. Die or B. Die I signed my life away to the Wenatchee River.

As we arrived to a packed parking lot of buses, people and rafts I began to panic. I don’t want to die TODAY! As I put on my wet suit, which happened to already be wet in all the wrong spots like blaring warning flags of DO NOT GO, I looked around at our potential rafting guides. We had our choices of Tom Sawyer a juvenile, Harrison Ford an obviously seasoned veteran, Bon Jovi a bandana wearing tough girl, the Hulk, an outdoors mom with her young daughter and the ultimate river leader.  All very good options-except Tom Sawyer. This kid didn’t know his left from his right. I am so thankful we got the outdoors mom with her daughter (additional safety since her daughter was with us) and the other half got the Bon Jovi girl who looked like she wrestles gators on the weekends. All in all, safe guides, all the less likely to kill us.

Our group of girls decided that in order for me to feel safe (other than a guide, wet suit and life jacket) that I would need to make peace with the river. Prior to getting in the raft I touched the water looked the river right in the eye and yelled ‘I LOVE YOU RIVER’ as I fell back into the raft as everyone laughed at me. Oops!

photo by Kristen who had an awesome waterproof digital camera

My self and one of the other gals sat towards the back in hopes we wouldn’t die in those spots. After hitting our first rapid and our guide telling us ‘when I yell paddle, even if you can’t see because you’ve been splashed in the face, you MUST paddle. We almost flipped back there.’ Done. Every rapid following we all shouted ‘PADDLE. WE COULD DIE.’ At one point following a rapid the Bride’s sister said ‘I thought I was for sure in the river. I WAS IN THE RIVER.’ She wasn’t but that’s how crazy the rapids were! Did I mention the river is extremely high too right now?

We half way through had to take the raft out and walk part way and put it back in the river, otherwise you DIE going over a dam.At this point the bride who had been braving it up front was chilled to the bone and asked if anyone wanted to switch spots. No one jumped at the chance (duh, they don’t want to DIE) and I figured, okay if I am going to make this be on my list I need to do this. Really do this. So next thing I know I am sitting up front kissing my paddle good bye and back on the river.

Next thing I know, my foot has cramped up from being shoved into the raft-my safety device to not falling out-and I am actually laughing my way through the rapids wanting more. Yes, me the girl who thought she would die was having a good time!

photo by Kristen of us with our guides after we had survived

After drying off and saying farewell to our life saving guides I was exhausted. No one ever says if you survive white water rafting that you are so SORE. Now two people on our trip did fall out on a rapid. But because it wasn’t me I can safely say I will white water raft again. I liked it and I didn’t DIE!

Have you been white water rafting? What are you afraid of or what fear have you concurred?

Float on friends,





4 thoughts on “{The List}: Fear of Drowning

  1. Kelly, the only white water rafting I’ve done was out by Index on the only Class V rapids in Washington. I didn’t have a great deal of confidence in our guides and two of our rafts flipped over. I floated farther downstream than anybody but didn’t have hypothermia because I’d been rowing for about 6 years. When one of the guides hauled me back into the rescue boat and made a joke, it was all I could do NOT to slug the dude. Not afraid of going back – just need an opportunity.

  2. I can totally hear you yelling, “I LOVE YOU RIVER!” and it made me laugh really hard. I’ve never been rafting but want to go really bad.If you visit me in Rwanda we should probably go rafting in Uganda.


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