{The List}: See How My Secret Garden Grows

Remember how I planted a garden for my bucket list at my dad’s house? Well it has been growing!! The weather hasn’t been warm enough but look how great it is looking!

I went to my dad’s house for the weekend to hang out and eat some of our wonderful garden. And look who stopped to say hello!

This is our sweet and wild Llewellin English Setter Abby. I can’t believe I caught her with her tongue out! I love her!

We pulled lettuce, turnips, spinach, and fennel. My dad put beer in little cups to get rid of the slugs…not sure if it is working 100% though.

Because of the weather this was how big the onion I pulled was!

But the rhubarb is going crazy! My dad has made rhubarb bread, rhubarb coolers, rhubarb meringue pie and more!

Here is the salad we made and then we roasted the turnips, onions, and fennel!

Hopefully in a few months we will have a more plentiful harvest!


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