{The List}: The X Factor

I have always dreamed of being in the audience of Oprah’s Favorite Things, but since the show’s over I had changed my list item #21 to attend a talk show. Any talk show would do (ideally Ellen), but I figure being in ANY tv show audience would count! I received a random email saying that the Key arena had free tickets for the show the X Factor-a Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul singing talent competition. I played around with eh, this could be lame since I’m not the American Idol watching type and this could be a cool new experience.

After attending the Mariner’s game with my friend Alex who convinced me that we should go the next day we both called up some friends and reserved our tickets.

There is Alex, Sarah, Rachel and I waiting in line. There was a strict dress code which ended up not really being enforced but…

  • No white shirts, t shirts with logos, jeans, shorts, flip flops
  • Bright spring tops and hip club like attire desired

After figuring out outfits I was worried we wouldn’t have time to eat or food would be served. So I grabbed a random twinkie to go for survival reasons. We got there around 5:30 pm and the line was from the Key Arena almost to the EMP when we found the end.

We received hard tickets once in line and were given a general section and then it was a free for all. Turns out we were one of the last people to get hard tickets before they started sending people away!!

As we approached the doors for a security check I had my twinkie confiscated. Seriously?! Its a twinkie.

Our seats weren’t too bad and the camera in front of us paid off because we could see close up shots of the performers.

It was weird to see black cloth covering everything in the Key including rows of seats.

Alex was super excited! We had to sit behind since people were being crabby about moving seats and such.
There is Simon in the black and Paula in the red. (Sorry only had my cell phone camera) Then LA Reed and Nicole from the Pussycat dolls were the judges.
Although a very long night (5:30 pm to about 10:30 pm) and some pretty bad performers, it was super cool to see the behind the scenes stuff and it’ll be interesting to watch what they actually air. There were also some AMAZING performers that I hope win!

I don’t plan on watching the show except for the beginning ones to see if I make it on TV, but do you like singing competitions? Or have you been on a TV show? My co-worker was in the audience for The Price is Right!

One thought on “{The List}: The X Factor

  1. I would totally go to see The Price is Right but I’m with you, I’m not really into talent shows like this. Still cool for free.

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